Wine translation

I have often wondered why the wine trade in German-speaking countries has such a hard time when it comes to putting its message across in good, clear English. Instead of hiring native speakers, content is often translated by people who speak excellent English but whose written prose is far from perfect.

In my view, the target language of every translation should also be the translator's mother tongue. A text will only feel natural if it has been translated by a native speaker. Instead of reading like a translation.

As a translator and wine lover with an eye for detail, my goal is to help you to produce top-quality written English for your business, customised to your individual requirements – from websites and brochures, to newsletters and other written media.

If you wish to learn more about my passion for wine, please feel free to peruse my English-language blog Winetext. In addition, I have the following range of practical experience:

From 2011
Translation of various texts for wine-related customers, including Weingut Emrich Schönleber, Weingut Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Edi the Nose

Nov. 2013 - Sept. 2014
English translation of the VINIPAZZI series of books
Book 1: Nature-made beauty. The new art of German Riesling – featuring Peter-Jakob Kühn, Clemens Busch and Helmut & Cornelius Dönnhoff.
Book 2: Phantapalastique – featuring Henri Bonneau, Château Rayas and Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

From 2000
Regular attendance at wine fairs (Prowein, Badische Weinmesse, Expovina, Basler Weinmesse, Wine Gang Winter Festival in Bath)

Sept. - Dec. 2005
Wine & Spirit Education Trust "Level 2 Intermediate Certificate"
Course was given in German

June - Aug. 1998
Work experience at Domaine Jean Ginglinger et Fils, Pfaffenheim (Alsace)

June - July 1997
Work experience at Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl, Deidesheim (Pfalz)

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