1 Do you also translate into German or French?
No, I translate exclusively into my native language English – from German or French.

2 How do I obtain a quote?
Simply send me your assignment including text (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) by e-mail. I will then offer you a quote and suggest a deadline based on factors such as the level of difficulty or the specialist subject in question.

Likewise, I will also deliver your finished piece of work (translation, edited/proofread text, written copy) in electronic form.

3. Is there a minimum charge?
My minimum charge for first-time assignments is CHF 90 plus VAT (Switzerland) or EUR 70 (eurozone, i.e. no VAT charge).

4. How are invoices settled?
Following delivery, you will receive an invoice by e-mail or, if you prefer, by post. Please settle the invoice amount within two weeks via a standard money transfer.

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